Beginners D&D 4e

After Stonefang

The group Fought their way through a mass of Orcs and freed the remaining Dwarves. Then they returned to town. A few new members met them back at town. Warwick convinced Dan-Arthur to let him borrow the deck of many things. From him he got himself a keep and became evil. He then went and recruited peasants. He then used them to draw form the deck. He got lots of money, but one became a high level wizard with his own keep. Grandork – Master of the Blatant Flame worked on the library and Warwick worked on the old pub and renamed it Warwick’s Watering Hole. Zar worked on weapons in his forge.

Stone Fang

Our heroes stop for the night and find a secret room filled with dwarf bodies. These Dwarfs had tattoos that look like manacles that start at their eyes and go to their wrist.
The following morning they proceeded down the tunnel further where they discovered a secret door propped open with another strangely tattooed dwarf. Upon exploring the room they found some orcs who they disposed of.
Farther into the chamber was a set of stairs that led into another chamber beneath them. This one had orcs in it as well as two alters. After killing the orcs they examined the alters. One was dedicated to the dwarven god, Morradin, and the other was dedicated to the evil god of jailers, Torog. Between the two alters is a pit.
Grandork decides it is a good idea to rededicate the alter to Torog to another deity. After that they went into a back room and fought some orcs and found some live dwarfs.
These dwarfs have the same strange tattoos they had been seeing for a while. It is explained to the party that the dwarfs were a small cult who had locked up a Stone titan name Stonefang. The seal was weakened and he was going to escape soon. The party said they would handle this problem and they set an ambush.
As Stonefang climbed out of the hole they started their assault. To their surprise all of their attacks just bounced off of him. That’s when Arachne told them all to take cover and he sacrificed himself.
The party stood over the pile of rubble that was the stone titan and celebrated their victory and mourned the loss of an ally. Their celebration was cut short when Meinosth the Wyrm told them that the titan wasn’t totally dead, but he had a ritual that would finish the job. The party looked around and were lucky enough to find all of the components needed to do the job.
After the ritual the party went back to tunnel and continued down until the came out into a courtyard. A river separated them from a tower. Standing guard around the tower were a few orcs. The party crushed them and continued onwards.

Of Stones and Metal
The party continued down the tunnel until they heard metallic hoof steps behind them. They stopped and readied themselves. It approached them and stopped. They recognized it as the Adamantine Horse of Xarn. The horse attached itself to the paladin Andrew. They continued until the reached a giant stone that blocked their way. They headed up the steps into the gate house. They braved turret traps, a portcullis trap and some mechanized protectors. They successfully make it into the main room with the tower, but find the lever to raise the stone provides to much resistance for any of them to pull. They find a Anatron in a side room that the sorcerer takes control of and uses to pull the lever. After the stone is raised, orcs rush the gate house. The sorcerer takes the magical turrets and turns it on the orcs only and the team massacres the orcs. Upon looting the bodies they found a hand made of stone that was once used in some ritual, and an opal. They continued down the tunnel.
Of Stirges and Spiders
This week started with Aramil hiring the new comers to Kiris Dahn to help him clean his new estate. During which he found out that the rest of the party had left without him and headed to the Iron Shield Mountains. He took Iron defender and took off after his allies. Meanwhile the group crosses the broken down bridge and meets up with a Barbarian named Arachne and a Sorcerer. They continued into the tunnel where Dan-Arthur heard the flapping of leathery wings and some screeching. He alerted his allies and they got the drop on the stirges killing them all off in a few seconds. As they finished up the last of the stirges, an earthquake hits and opens up holes in the floor. Dan-Arthur and Arachne caught the sides of the hole that opened under them and managed to pull themselves up. Out of the holes popped jumping spiders. The group had a slightly more difficult time taking out the spiders, but they emerged victorious. Aramil reached the bridge right before the earthquake and watched as the bridge collapse during the earthquake. Only a few pillars were left standing. Aramil decided to attempt to jump from pillar to pillar. He made the first pillar, but didn’t make it far enough to clear the second pillar. However he grabbed hold of it and Fey Stepped to the shore. Aramil meets up with the group after they defeat the spiders. Grandork the Wise is overcome by draconic greed and decides to create Tensor’s Floating Disc and take one of the statues of a giant with them.
Treasure, Dwarves, and Hipogriffs

The group splits the dragons’ hoard on to find that all the gold was fake. Zar located the real treasure sunken in the water. They split the real treasure and skin the dragon. They meet a cleric on the way back to town who decides to join them. They take the scales to the blacksmith who agrees to come help rebuild Kiris Dahn after he has finished the armor he is going to make from the scales.
The party returns to Kiris Dahn. Kiris Alkirk is waiting for them at the keep. He points out that a single black smith will not be enough to rebuild this town. He tells them about the dwarven clan called the Glintershields. The entire clan is known for it’s ability to build and repair things. The party agrees to seek out this clan.
While in town Grandork the Wise decided to clean the town library and enchant it and some brooms to clean and take care of itself. He also set himself up as the town’s head librarian. Zar took his hired hand and bear and cleaned the black smith’s old shop. Aramil decided to clean up the old Kiris Estate and claim it for himself. A bard arrived in the town and decided to tag along with the group.
After a few days of searching, cleaning, and rebuilding the party decided to head out and find the Glintershield clan. They headed northeast towards the Iron shield mountains. They met up with the clan at the town of Timbervale. They find out that the clan had been working on clearing an old trail crated by giants through the mountains and were attacked by a cult of Orcs known as The Severed Eyes. All of the clan’s warriors were on the far side of the pass and the pass has been sealed to keep the orcs off their tail. The party agrees to help and Grandork convinces them to return to the safety of the Kiris Dahn. The party heads to the pass and at the bridge before the pass they are ambushed by 2 hippogriffs and 5 archerfish. The party slays one hippogriff and the archerfish, and they train the other hippogriff.

Twin Green Dragons

The party was met at the green dragon’s cave by General Magnificato and a dwarf fighter. The fight started with the revelation that there were 2 dragons, Gorn and Dash. The dragons used the under water cave system to switch places and cause havoc among the party. Grandork decided to freeze the four pools the dragons were using while the fighter decided to follow the dragons into the water. The party managed to kill Gorn, but Dash managed to escape.

Summary 2

Summary (continued)
While recruiting Grandork the Wise‘s master, Meinosth the Wyrm, spotted a young gold dragon in the crowd disguised as a pretty young lady. He uses his influence to persuade her to aid them. The next morning the party left for Kiris Dahn with their recruits. Except for Grandork the Wise who took his recruits and built a contraption that would allow the young dragon to carry him and his recruits. They attacked an orc convoy heading for Kiris Dahn. Despite every recruit dying the attack was successful. Grandork the Wise was whisked off upon his collapse in battle by the young dragon. The young dragon took Grandork the Wise to Kiris Dahn and left him in the care of Tyristys and William Feywind.
Upon entering the slums of Kiris Dahn they met resistance in the form of a small kobold militia. While the others entered battle Dan-Arthur took his recruits and created a peasant rail cannon. They won the battle, but scared the land in the process. The scar went through the Hot Springs and filled with water creating a new river. The wizards salvaged a couple of deactivated Iron Defenders that the kobolds dug up. They found that they could reprogram and activate them so they would guard the wizards.
They continued their assault and were confronted by a goblin war party. The party made quick work of the goblins. Dan-Arthur created two more rivers using the peasant rail cannon. Then he turned the cannon to the sky. Unbeknown to him he finished a secret ritual to open a portal to the nine hells. The portal opened under where he was standing and engulfed a house and a half.
Upon hearing of the portal all kobolds and goblins fled the area. The party had cleared out the infestation, but know had another problem to work out. How does one close the portal? known of them knew, including Meinosth the Wyrm.
The party decided to return to Treona’s tower and see how she was doing with building the new Slaying Stones. She told them that she needed them to retrieve some materials from an old Tiefling mine.
The party returned to Part Dahn and bought 4 horses and a covered wagon to carry them and their supplies. They then continued through the night taking turns sleeping and driving to reach the town in the mountains mid way between the mine and Kiris Dahn. They refreshed their supplies before continuing to the mine. Outside the mine is a run down and abandoned slave camp. They entered a cave and noticed that part of the wall was black and red while the rest of the cave was gray. The odd portion of the wall absorbed physical and magic attacks. They decided it was best to use a little acid on the stone wall beside it and let Zar slide through. On the other side Zar found a locked iron door. He turned and approached the black and red wall. It receded into the ground allowing full access to the iron door. Dan-Arthur, Kyle, Larry, Curly, and Moe tried to open the iron door while the rest of the party explored the mine. In the room behind the door was an office with nothing of value other then a deck of cards with infernal images on them. the rest of the party found a portal at the end of the mine and returned to the office. Meinosth the Wyrm immediately recognized the deck as a Deck of Many Things and despite his dire warnings most of the party drew form the deck. It granted wealth including a keep for the Warlord, who placed it in Kiris Dahn, power for Dan-Arthur and Zar, and curses including trapping the female wizard’s mind in some far off place. The paladin took the female wizard and her iron defender and is now searching to reunite her body and mind. The rest of the group went through the portal. After clearing a trial they went through another portal and came out into a hall and were greeted by members of the Architects of Victory. After explaining their plight they were granted what they needed to make the stones in exchange for an unnamed favor in the future.
On their way back to the tower they stopped at the small town where they met a pretty young elf who wished to join them. The party agreed and they continued on to the tower. They handed Treona the materials and she went right to work. During the night Dan-Arthur got up and checked on Treona. He found only her corpse. All the materials and writings on the Slaying Stones were missing. Dan-Arthur woke all him party members up and realized that the newest member is missing. They gave chase towards Kiris Dahn leaving Larry, Curly, and Moe behind. They caught up with the elf near the portal. She revealed herself to be a succubus and a battle ensued as her minions crawled out of the portal. As the battle turned for the worst an Old Man appeared and cleared the battle field of devils with a blinding light. The warlord fell in battle. Dan- Arthur took the deed to the Infernal Keep off the warlord’s corpse. They recovered what was stolen from them and entered the Infernal Keep for the first time. The Old Man performed the ritual to create the Slaying Stones and placed them around the portal. He then informed the party that only a deity could close this portal, but he could keep anything that came out at bay. Two new people approach the keep. One joins the party while the other stays to help defend Kiris Dahn and the Infernal Keep.
William Feywind suggested that the party goes to find the old town blacksmith in a town on the far side of the Doom Woods. The party agrees and heads out. Despite William Feywind‘s dire warnings the party went straight through the Doom Woods. They were stopped by a shadar-kai who escorted them through the Doom Woods. The party continued to the city and “recruited” a member of the town guard. A paladin approached them and joined the party as well. They tracked down the black smith who told them he had one big order to fill before he could go back to Kiris Dahn. He asked the party to hunt down and kill a young green dragon in the area that was causing problems and bring him the scales so he could make green dragon scale armor. The party agreed and hunted down the dragon. They killed the cult of lizard people who surrounded the young green dragon. They now stand outside the dragon’s cave.

End Summary


Since I started this site well after the campaign began this first Log post is just a summary of what has happened.

A group of adventurers started in Pub Town. They received a mission from a dark cloaked individual in one of the many dark corners in the The Ever Lasting Pub. They were sent to meet up with the high priest of Yo Mama on the main land in a tower hidden in a deep woods. Upon finding the tower they meet Treona, Kiris Alkirk, Dan-Arthur, Larry, Curly, and Moe. Treona, adviser to the former ruler of Kiris Dahn, informed the group that they were to infiltrate the goblin infested city of Gorizbadd, formerly Kiris Dahn, and retrieve an item called the Slaying Stone. The group, led by Dan-Arthur, left the tower the next morning for nearby Gorizbadd. Upon reaching the city limits the group decided to split up, Zar circled around the city to the West getting lost in the woods and into a Bear‘s cave. Which he then trained and continued on into Gorizbadd. Dan-Arthur, the paladin, Grandork the Wise, and the female wizard circled east and came in through the slums. The sword mage and the Battle Mind snuck through the main gates and entered the slums where they ran into trouble. The sword mage fell in battle. As Dan-Arthur’s group approached their location the battle mind mistakenly called for the guards alerting everyone in the city to the group’s infiltration of the city. The rest of the party escaped and fled into the city finding refuge in an abandoned building. Upon entering the market district Zar was ambushed by some orcs and questioned. After the questioning they almost branded him over the eye, but he was saved by a spy put in the city by Kiris Alkirk, Finnan. Zar then reconnected with the rest of the group and began looking for the stones taking out anyone who stood in their way. They eventually found a Dragon’s cave in the sand around the baths. Inside was a young female bronze dragon named Tyristys who was in possession of the Slaying Stone. After proving their intentions and promising that Tyristys and her offspring (if she ever has any) will be allowed to stay with no fear from the city Tyristys gave them the stone. Upon leaving the cave the group was ambushed by the orcs. The Leader of the orcs let the players know that they were the orc cult called the severed eye and that they had been looking for the stones for weeks. The group defeated the orcs, but the battle mind fell in combat. The group returned to the tower with the stones. Treona readily receives the stones and what documents about them the group could find and locked herself in a room. Kiris Alkirk approached the group about continued employment. He offered lots of pay for helping him clear out and rebuild the city of Kiris Dahn. The group agreed and was sent to Part Dahn to find William Feywind, The former Town Warden for Kiris Dahn. After reaching Part Dahn they meet a wizard named Aramil who joined their cause. Zar retained the services of a man named kyle. They asked around and learned that William Feywind had left to clear some orcs out of a nearby hill cave. They found him in said cave with an ally, General Magnificato. After slaying the orcs they found that they were part of the cult of the severed eye. William Feywind gave the group money to hire a small army. While they were hiring new recruits he returned to Kiris Dahn to scout the area.

End summary 1

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