Beginners D&D 4e

Of Stirges and Spiders

This week started with Aramil hiring the new comers to Kiris Dahn to help him clean his new estate. During which he found out that the rest of the party had left without him and headed to the Iron Shield Mountains. He took Iron defender and took off after his allies. Meanwhile the group crosses the broken down bridge and meets up with a Barbarian named Arachne and a Sorcerer. They continued into the tunnel where Dan-Arthur heard the flapping of leathery wings and some screeching. He alerted his allies and they got the drop on the stirges killing them all off in a few seconds. As they finished up the last of the stirges, an earthquake hits and opens up holes in the floor. Dan-Arthur and Arachne caught the sides of the hole that opened under them and managed to pull themselves up. Out of the holes popped jumping spiders. The group had a slightly more difficult time taking out the spiders, but they emerged victorious. Aramil reached the bridge right before the earthquake and watched as the bridge collapse during the earthquake. Only a few pillars were left standing. Aramil decided to attempt to jump from pillar to pillar. He made the first pillar, but didn’t make it far enough to clear the second pillar. However he grabbed hold of it and Fey Stepped to the shore. Aramil meets up with the group after they defeat the spiders. Grandork the Wise is overcome by draconic greed and decides to create Tensor’s Floating Disc and take one of the statues of a giant with them.



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