Beginners D&D 4e

Of Stones and Metal

The party continued down the tunnel until they heard metallic hoof steps behind them. They stopped and readied themselves. It approached them and stopped. They recognized it as the Adamantine Horse of Xarn. The horse attached itself to the paladin Andrew. They continued until the reached a giant stone that blocked their way. They headed up the steps into the gate house. They braved turret traps, a portcullis trap and some mechanized protectors. They successfully make it into the main room with the tower, but find the lever to raise the stone provides to much resistance for any of them to pull. They find a Anatron in a side room that the sorcerer takes control of and uses to pull the lever. After the stone is raised, orcs rush the gate house. The sorcerer takes the magical turrets and turns it on the orcs only and the team massacres the orcs. Upon looting the bodies they found a hand made of stone that was once used in some ritual, and an opal. They continued down the tunnel.



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