Beginners D&D 4e

Stone Fang

Our heroes stop for the night and find a secret room filled with dwarf bodies. These Dwarfs had tattoos that look like manacles that start at their eyes and go to their wrist.
The following morning they proceeded down the tunnel further where they discovered a secret door propped open with another strangely tattooed dwarf. Upon exploring the room they found some orcs who they disposed of.
Farther into the chamber was a set of stairs that led into another chamber beneath them. This one had orcs in it as well as two alters. After killing the orcs they examined the alters. One was dedicated to the dwarven god, Morradin, and the other was dedicated to the evil god of jailers, Torog. Between the two alters is a pit.
Grandork decides it is a good idea to rededicate the alter to Torog to another deity. After that they went into a back room and fought some orcs and found some live dwarfs.
These dwarfs have the same strange tattoos they had been seeing for a while. It is explained to the party that the dwarfs were a small cult who had locked up a Stone titan name Stonefang. The seal was weakened and he was going to escape soon. The party said they would handle this problem and they set an ambush.
As Stonefang climbed out of the hole they started their assault. To their surprise all of their attacks just bounced off of him. That’s when Arachne told them all to take cover and he sacrificed himself.
The party stood over the pile of rubble that was the stone titan and celebrated their victory and mourned the loss of an ally. Their celebration was cut short when Meinosth the Wyrm told them that the titan wasn’t totally dead, but he had a ritual that would finish the job. The party looked around and were lucky enough to find all of the components needed to do the job.
After the ritual the party went back to tunnel and continued down until the came out into a courtyard. A river separated them from a tower. Standing guard around the tower were a few orcs. The party crushed them and continued onwards.



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