Beginners D&D 4e



Since I started this site well after the campaign began this first Log post is just a summary of what has happened.

A group of adventurers started in Pub Town. They received a mission from a dark cloaked individual in one of the many dark corners in the The Ever Lasting Pub. They were sent to meet up with the high priest of Yo Mama on the main land in a tower hidden in a deep woods. Upon finding the tower they meet Treona, Kiris Alkirk, Dan-Arthur, Larry, Curly, and Moe. Treona, adviser to the former ruler of Kiris Dahn, informed the group that they were to infiltrate the goblin infested city of Gorizbadd, formerly Kiris Dahn, and retrieve an item called the Slaying Stone. The group, led by Dan-Arthur, left the tower the next morning for nearby Gorizbadd. Upon reaching the city limits the group decided to split up, Zar circled around the city to the West getting lost in the woods and into a Bear‘s cave. Which he then trained and continued on into Gorizbadd. Dan-Arthur, the paladin, Grandork the Wise, and the female wizard circled east and came in through the slums. The sword mage and the Battle Mind snuck through the main gates and entered the slums where they ran into trouble. The sword mage fell in battle. As Dan-Arthur’s group approached their location the battle mind mistakenly called for the guards alerting everyone in the city to the group’s infiltration of the city. The rest of the party escaped and fled into the city finding refuge in an abandoned building. Upon entering the market district Zar was ambushed by some orcs and questioned. After the questioning they almost branded him over the eye, but he was saved by a spy put in the city by Kiris Alkirk, Finnan. Zar then reconnected with the rest of the group and began looking for the stones taking out anyone who stood in their way. They eventually found a Dragon’s cave in the sand around the baths. Inside was a young female bronze dragon named Tyristys who was in possession of the Slaying Stone. After proving their intentions and promising that Tyristys and her offspring (if she ever has any) will be allowed to stay with no fear from the city Tyristys gave them the stone. Upon leaving the cave the group was ambushed by the orcs. The Leader of the orcs let the players know that they were the orc cult called the severed eye and that they had been looking for the stones for weeks. The group defeated the orcs, but the battle mind fell in combat. The group returned to the tower with the stones. Treona readily receives the stones and what documents about them the group could find and locked herself in a room. Kiris Alkirk approached the group about continued employment. He offered lots of pay for helping him clear out and rebuild the city of Kiris Dahn. The group agreed and was sent to Part Dahn to find William Feywind, The former Town Warden for Kiris Dahn. After reaching Part Dahn they meet a wizard named Aramil who joined their cause. Zar retained the services of a man named kyle. They asked around and learned that William Feywind had left to clear some orcs out of a nearby hill cave. They found him in said cave with an ally, General Magnificato. After slaying the orcs they found that they were part of the cult of the severed eye. William Feywind gave the group money to hire a small army. While they were hiring new recruits he returned to Kiris Dahn to scout the area.

End summary 1



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