Beginners D&D 4e

Summary 2

Summary (continued)
While recruiting Grandork the Wise‘s master, Meinosth the Wyrm, spotted a young gold dragon in the crowd disguised as a pretty young lady. He uses his influence to persuade her to aid them. The next morning the party left for Kiris Dahn with their recruits. Except for Grandork the Wise who took his recruits and built a contraption that would allow the young dragon to carry him and his recruits. They attacked an orc convoy heading for Kiris Dahn. Despite every recruit dying the attack was successful. Grandork the Wise was whisked off upon his collapse in battle by the young dragon. The young dragon took Grandork the Wise to Kiris Dahn and left him in the care of Tyristys and William Feywind.
Upon entering the slums of Kiris Dahn they met resistance in the form of a small kobold militia. While the others entered battle Dan-Arthur took his recruits and created a peasant rail cannon. They won the battle, but scared the land in the process. The scar went through the Hot Springs and filled with water creating a new river. The wizards salvaged a couple of deactivated Iron Defenders that the kobolds dug up. They found that they could reprogram and activate them so they would guard the wizards.
They continued their assault and were confronted by a goblin war party. The party made quick work of the goblins. Dan-Arthur created two more rivers using the peasant rail cannon. Then he turned the cannon to the sky. Unbeknown to him he finished a secret ritual to open a portal to the nine hells. The portal opened under where he was standing and engulfed a house and a half.
Upon hearing of the portal all kobolds and goblins fled the area. The party had cleared out the infestation, but know had another problem to work out. How does one close the portal? known of them knew, including Meinosth the Wyrm.
The party decided to return to Treona’s tower and see how she was doing with building the new Slaying Stones. She told them that she needed them to retrieve some materials from an old Tiefling mine.
The party returned to Part Dahn and bought 4 horses and a covered wagon to carry them and their supplies. They then continued through the night taking turns sleeping and driving to reach the town in the mountains mid way between the mine and Kiris Dahn. They refreshed their supplies before continuing to the mine. Outside the mine is a run down and abandoned slave camp. They entered a cave and noticed that part of the wall was black and red while the rest of the cave was gray. The odd portion of the wall absorbed physical and magic attacks. They decided it was best to use a little acid on the stone wall beside it and let Zar slide through. On the other side Zar found a locked iron door. He turned and approached the black and red wall. It receded into the ground allowing full access to the iron door. Dan-Arthur, Kyle, Larry, Curly, and Moe tried to open the iron door while the rest of the party explored the mine. In the room behind the door was an office with nothing of value other then a deck of cards with infernal images on them. the rest of the party found a portal at the end of the mine and returned to the office. Meinosth the Wyrm immediately recognized the deck as a Deck of Many Things and despite his dire warnings most of the party drew form the deck. It granted wealth including a keep for the Warlord, who placed it in Kiris Dahn, power for Dan-Arthur and Zar, and curses including trapping the female wizard’s mind in some far off place. The paladin took the female wizard and her iron defender and is now searching to reunite her body and mind. The rest of the group went through the portal. After clearing a trial they went through another portal and came out into a hall and were greeted by members of the Architects of Victory. After explaining their plight they were granted what they needed to make the stones in exchange for an unnamed favor in the future.
On their way back to the tower they stopped at the small town where they met a pretty young elf who wished to join them. The party agreed and they continued on to the tower. They handed Treona the materials and she went right to work. During the night Dan-Arthur got up and checked on Treona. He found only her corpse. All the materials and writings on the Slaying Stones were missing. Dan-Arthur woke all him party members up and realized that the newest member is missing. They gave chase towards Kiris Dahn leaving Larry, Curly, and Moe behind. They caught up with the elf near the portal. She revealed herself to be a succubus and a battle ensued as her minions crawled out of the portal. As the battle turned for the worst an Old Man appeared and cleared the battle field of devils with a blinding light. The warlord fell in battle. Dan- Arthur took the deed to the Infernal Keep off the warlord’s corpse. They recovered what was stolen from them and entered the Infernal Keep for the first time. The Old Man performed the ritual to create the Slaying Stones and placed them around the portal. He then informed the party that only a deity could close this portal, but he could keep anything that came out at bay. Two new people approach the keep. One joins the party while the other stays to help defend Kiris Dahn and the Infernal Keep.
William Feywind suggested that the party goes to find the old town blacksmith in a town on the far side of the Doom Woods. The party agrees and heads out. Despite William Feywind‘s dire warnings the party went straight through the Doom Woods. They were stopped by a shadar-kai who escorted them through the Doom Woods. The party continued to the city and “recruited” a member of the town guard. A paladin approached them and joined the party as well. They tracked down the black smith who told them he had one big order to fill before he could go back to Kiris Dahn. He asked the party to hunt down and kill a young green dragon in the area that was causing problems and bring him the scales so he could make green dragon scale armor. The party agreed and hunted down the dragon. They killed the cult of lizard people who surrounded the young green dragon. They now stand outside the dragon’s cave.

End Summary


Awesome! Makes me sad we won’t get to the boss fight till next week.

Summary 2

I know, I was looking forward to it too. But now I have more time to prepare.

Summary 2

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