Beginners D&D 4e

Treasure, Dwarves, and Hipogriffs

The group splits the dragons’ hoard on to find that all the gold was fake. Zar located the real treasure sunken in the water. They split the real treasure and skin the dragon. They meet a cleric on the way back to town who decides to join them. They take the scales to the blacksmith who agrees to come help rebuild Kiris Dahn after he has finished the armor he is going to make from the scales.
The party returns to Kiris Dahn. Kiris Alkirk is waiting for them at the keep. He points out that a single black smith will not be enough to rebuild this town. He tells them about the dwarven clan called the Glintershields. The entire clan is known for it’s ability to build and repair things. The party agrees to seek out this clan.
While in town Grandork the Wise decided to clean the town library and enchant it and some brooms to clean and take care of itself. He also set himself up as the town’s head librarian. Zar took his hired hand and bear and cleaned the black smith’s old shop. Aramil decided to clean up the old Kiris Estate and claim it for himself. A bard arrived in the town and decided to tag along with the group.
After a few days of searching, cleaning, and rebuilding the party decided to head out and find the Glintershield clan. They headed northeast towards the Iron shield mountains. They met up with the clan at the town of Timbervale. They find out that the clan had been working on clearing an old trail crated by giants through the mountains and were attacked by a cult of Orcs known as The Severed Eyes. All of the clan’s warriors were on the far side of the pass and the pass has been sealed to keep the orcs off their tail. The party agrees to help and Grandork convinces them to return to the safety of the Kiris Dahn. The party heads to the pass and at the bridge before the pass they are ambushed by 2 hippogriffs and 5 archerfish. The party slays one hippogriff and the archerfish, and they train the other hippogriff.



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